8 April 2021
Web App

We are changing our name! WhatsHash has evolved constantly over the years and we wanted to kick off 2021 with a new and fresh identity. An identity that would reflect our journey helping businesses succeed on WhatsApp and also describe who we are as a company. — Say hello to Vepaar 🥳

What changes for me as a customer?

Nothing. We're just changing the brand name and a logo. You can access your exact same account via vepaar.com, using your same email and password. You won't need a new account. We will be redirecting all our users from whatshash.com to vepaar.com. Your accounts, apps, features, and subscription pricing will remain the same.

We're humbled that thousands of you already rely on us to help you lead your businesses. We can't wait to bring the next millions of you with us as we continue to build a new way of doing a business.