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We've been receiving a lot of complaints that CRM features have not been improved lately.
We listen to you and hence here is the list of major improvements in Chrome Extension for CRM Users.

Groups and Broadcasts in Master Navigation

Now you can quickly find saved WhatsApp Groups and Broadcast lists just like Contacts from Vepaar Master Navigation.

Disabled automatic syncing of Group & Broadcast Participants

We were saving all the group & broadcast participants as your contacts in CRM by default.
We've disabled that and you can save them only if you want to and just by a single click.

Improved UI for Products

Now Product Listing shows the badges, complete product name, and a warning if the product is marked as "Out of Stock".

Being an Admin 😎, you can still take orders even if product is "Out of Stock".

Search through Quick Replies

Got so many quick replies? Now you can search them by its name and send them even faster ⚡️

Other Improvements

  • Added "Open in Web" button in Contacts, Groups, and Broadcasts to quickly open them in Vepaar Web

  • Funnel & Tags are now automatically saved when you click on them.

Let us know what do you think 🤔

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