Featured image for đź‘•Introducing Product Variants

With this release, Vepaar can be easily adapted to a variety of businesses.

Product Variant feature allows you to define an attribute of a product and then create multiple variants of the product with customizable Price, SKU, Stock & Status.

Let's understand by taking few examples.

A. Selling T-shirts? đź‘•

Offer multiple colors and sizes inside the product. For example,
Color - Red, Green, Blue
Size - S, M, L, XL

Here Color & Size are attributes, and their respective values are Options.

B. Selling delicious Pizzas? 🍕

Offer multiple sizes.
Size - Small, Regular, Large

C. Selling Milk Shakes & Cold Drinks? 🍹

Offer different quantities.
Quantity - 250ml, 500ml

Each variant can have its own Price, SKU, Stock & Status settings.

We can't wait to see how creative you can be with this feature and start selling more. 🚀

Please share your valuable feedback. 🙌

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